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Shahad Alharthi
Law Firm

?Who are we

We offer an integrated legal study on the legal position of the client in the event that he wishes to file a lawsuit against others, assessing his legal status in terms of weaknesses and strengths through us, and answering all legal questions in all cases (criminal, civil, personal status, labor, commercial, administrative ), we perform legal representation on behalf of individuals, companies and institutions, and we provide legal services with high quality and professional performance, and we maintain an excellent record in completing legal work within a professional legal work team, and we try hard to gain the client’s trust through proper legal communication channels that provide a great opportunity for dialogue and understanding Between us and the client, we are distinguished by objectivity and transparency, we understand the client’s legal situation, and we deal with it with integrity and professionalism

Our Vision

Creating an organized and simple legal environment in all aspects, for individuals, entities and companies.

Our values

Confidentiality, honesty, responsiveness, interest, speed.



Documentation of contracts, agencies, land emptying, commercial agencies.

Real estate disputes

Our office represents real estate development companies and real estate owners in many disputes, including commercial lease disputes, and disputes arising from sale and ownership commissions.


Our office is important in terms of the diversity of specializations, including: Personal status issues
Commercial issues
Administrative issues
Real estate cases
Labor issues
Division of estates

Preparation of regulations

Preparing notes, objection regulations and petition requests.

Reviewing and drafting contracts

Receiving a copy of the contract to be reviewed and audited - Studying the elements and form of the contract - Making amendments and rephrasing - Reviewing the contract and expressing opinions to the client - Delivering the final contract

Amicable settlement

We provide mediation services between litigants in complex cases involving many contentious issues. In these cases, we use our extensive experience to develop practical solutions and applicable agreements that protect the interests of our clients.

Success stories always start with a vision. The most successful visions are those that build on strengths

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, may God protect him

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jeddah , ksa , The headquarters business park
Riyadh , ksa , Laysen Valley

Working hours

sun - Thu : 9 am - 6 pm

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